April 12. 2004


New Prints in the Printshop


Next Year’s Calendar covers – introducing the 6A O.A.S.E.S.


Ancient documents relating to the 6A project (Autonomous Autarchic Asteroids of Aten, Apollo & Amor – Homeland for Marginals in Outer Space):

Communiqué #1 (1990)

Communiqué #2 (1990)



March 21, 2004


Announcing the 4th and final Fine Art Print Contest.

Help me choose the 4th print for my print shop and be entered to win the winning print.

Just email me your choice. Deadline is March 30, 2004

As before, one winner will be selected randomly from all who participate.



Original cut-and-paste collages created for Bill Laswell CD projects are offered at special low prices through March 30th, 2004. This sale began 3/19/04. Seven of nine pieces are still available. See printable online flyer at:



I’ve added a couple of recent pieces to the site:


Skull and Bones Election: cover for the new Fifth Estate I just did.


Terror Threat Index Illustrated – an interactive chart.



January 11, 2004




Print Contest #2 is over. The winner was Scott Swiecki, who has received #1 of 75 impressions of JUBILEE GARDEN #8. Signed and numbered prints are now available for purchase here, for $100.00 postpaid. They are 20”x13.3”, plus a white border, and are printed on fine watercolor paper.


Print Contest #3


Print Contest #3 is now in progress. Vote for your favorite among the six candidates via email, and be entered to win the first impression of the winning image. The candidates can be viewed here. Please take a minute to cast your vote.


What’s New?


The Printshop Interface has been redone.

There is a new index page for the animated GIFs.

A new interface design was added to the galleries.

The pace of changes will be accelerating in 2004.


What’s Old but New?


I’ve dug-up a large box of full-color postcards I did back in 1991. Several of the designs went on to be published as CD covers, book covers and in magazines. I sold thousands of them and then put them away.  I am now offering them for sale at bargain prices here.






Friday, November 28, 2003

Buy Nothing Day  ·  Make Your Own Head Day


Things are slowly coming together here. My first art print (The Garden of Lost Chances) and the 2004 Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints (Sold Out – Order from Autonomedia) are both here and can be ordered online via PayPal. Hundreds of original artworks are here offered for sale, and there are altogether nearly a thousand images, movies and interactive toys for the viewing . The galleries will be getting a complete make-over in the near future.





The time has come to announce the second Print Contest. Due to a bit of confusion the first time around, I’ll be more specific this time.


  1. One person, one vote.
  2. All who vote will be eligible to win, even if they don’t vote for the winner.
  3. Entries can be viewed at http://www.koehnline.com/contest2.html.
  4. Vote by number or title and send your vote via email.
  5. Cut-off date for voting is December 13, 2003.
  6. Winner to be announced December 14, 2003.
  7. Print #1 of 25 will be awarded to a ramdomly chosen winner from the pool.
  8. Winning print will be ready by 1/1/2004.
  9. The remaining 24 will be available for sale at that time.



Check back here every now and then for news and announcements, as well as a more general weblog that I’ll be getting around to soon.



Prologue 1955-2003


1955: I was born, Columbus, Ohio

1969: Went to Woodstock with my Dad. There’s something going on out there.

1970: Family moved to Chicago; began painting, drawing, printmaking…


1976: World Surrealist Exhibition, Gallery Black Swan, Chicago

1976: Briefly studied holography; decided against it as my artistic medium

1977: Read Pynchon and R. A. Wilson: Started thinking about the world differently.

1982: Began obsessively corresponding with the wide world via snail mail.

1983: Some early collages in Fifth Estate, radio, recording, cassette chaos.

1984: Saw that commercial and thought I’d probably get a Macintosh some day.

1985: Formed Axe Street Arena Collective and opened our gallery & performance space.

1986: Curated Haymarket Centennial Mail Art Exhibition with Ron Sakolsky

1987: My b&w collages flood the zine scene, Join forces with Hakim Bey.

1988: Began library job, collecting exotic imagery and researching my “Moorish” roots

1989: Self-published and distributed my Legend of the Great Dismal Maroons

1991: Moved to Seattle. Started doing cover art for Autonomedia and Axiom.

1992: Declared 10-year Grand Jubilee and created Calendar of Jubilee Saints

1993: Talking Raven, Moorish Science Monitor

1994: Mad Farmers’ Jubilee Almanack

1995: Decided the digital world was ready for me. Got a PowerMac 7500/100

1996: My first little gallery on the Web.

1998: Australian fan builds me a webpage.

1999: Began tinkering on the Web. Got a G4 450 – which is still my companion.

2000: Went back to school for a good grounding in the state of the digital arts.

2002: Put my school portfolio site online.

2003: Wrote this summary for my new site. Still thinking about Ted Nelson’s ideas.